Communication in Business 

Howdy y’all! We had a very successful unit wrap up last week and I was extremely impressed with the presentation grades. Grades will be posted on Sunday evening. This month, we begin our unit on communication and the importance of it in the business setting. By the end of this ¬†section, students will have developed business and professional vocabulary,identify barriers to effective communication, and explain the types of communication problems that are possible when conducting business among different cultures. Students will also be able to identify ways to improve communication in organizations, discern appropriate channels for transmitting messages, and interpret nonverbal communication in various activities. Why do you think communication is such an important element in the business world or setting? Is nonverbal communication equally important in this setting? What are some examples of business communication you’ve seen in movies, tv shows, or even social media? Students, Be sure to answer each of these questions on the class forum before you come to class on Monday, we will be having an open discussion and watching the examples provided. Have a great week!