Flashback to March 2008:

It was only 8 years ago or so and I was applying for my first job as a high school student. I remember applying online for The Rockin’ River, a local city pool and swim park where all of my closest friends were working. I was so excited because I knew that a summer job would give me the money I needed to save up for whatever trendy outfit or technology I just HAD to have (LOL). Only a week or so after applying, I got a call back saying I had been selected for an interview. My initial excitement almost instantly turned to fear and nerve wrecked emotions and panick- I had never done an interview before!!!! What do I say?! What will they ask me? What will I wear? Will I be the only one? Will I have to take a test? What are the right answers?! These fears are completely normal, and many of you will be experiencing them soon (if you haven’t already). In this unit, we will be covering proper interview question responses, proper business interviewing techniques in a variety of settings (group, individual, and committee), and writing a follow-up letter after a job interview. If you have ever had to interview for a position (employment, theatre, athletics, etc), bring you experiences and memories to discuss in small groups on Monday. Have a great rest of your week!