About Ms. Chea and Why I got into Education:

I absolutely believe I will be successful in ensuring high academic achievement for all students I will teach. Here in Texas, I have taught a variety of different students throughout my city, but majority of my are low-income students. When I entered my first STEM facilitator classroom, I knew that no matter what else happened in my classroom, I wanted my students to be filled with a curious and eager spirit of learning STEM by the end of the semester. Each student was so unique and different, and many of them had no knowledge of STEM at all. By the end of my experience, I was able to build these unbreakable relationships with each and  every student,  knowing more about then I ever could have imagined when entered, while they left with a wealth of coding skills and a new mentor they could seek advice from. It didn’t matter that English wasn’t the first language or some of the students, or that some students were grade levels below where they should have been academically. I planned my lessons in a both fitting and effective manner, to keep all of my students on track.  I have been blessed with the gifts of kindness, patience, and flexibility, making me an idea candidate for working with these young minds.